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With the LS-1000, D-500, D-5 and BW-20 models, Lyngdorf Audio brings its expertise in home cine- ma and loudspeakers to custom installation speakers. Seven models to suit different installations, from a modern living room with in-wall speakers next to the TV up to the largest home theater with a big screen and immersive audio.

With Lyngdorf Audio you’ll experience your favourite movies, games, and music on a new level of sound quality.

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Lyngdorf Home Cinema Speakers

The first Lyngdorf Audio installation speakers

The D-500 and D-5 models bring Lyngdorf Audio sound quality to the custom installation speaker market. After the successful introduction of Lyngdorf loudspeakers for modern living rooms, ranging from the MH and FR on-wall speakers and BW boundary woofers to the CS-1 cabinet speaker, the Lyngdorf Discreet series expands the company’s range with in-wall and in-ceiling speakers for stereo and multichannel installations.

D stands for discreet

D stands for discreet – all models are designed as installation speakers for discreet in-wall or in-ceiling integration, featuring a wall-fixing mechanism with mounting legs. All models also come with their own loudspeaker enclosure, making system planning and the actual installation as easy as possible, with no after-market backbox or closed wall cavity required. This also ensures that the sound performance is always defined and consistent, depending less on the wall construction and the available space behind the wall.